Aug 31, 2010

Well, hello there

This is my new blog, to go with my new portfolio,  If you have no idea who I am, perhaps clicking that link will help.

In short, I’m an artist, an Alternate Reality Game maker, a journalist, a hacker, and an enthusiast about pretty much anything that can be assembled, analyzed, sung, mimicked, or played – with an instrument, a computer, or just with your brain.

The story so far?  I also recently launched Sew By Numbers, a project to create the printable fabric equivalent of papercraft.

I’m also working on a commissioned piece right now for TEDxSMU with a bunch of others from the Dallas Makerspace.  We’re building a giant digital canvas you can paint on with giant paint brushes.  Two canvases will share one common pool of color, making the whole thing an exercise in managing limited resources.

I just finished a grant proposal for a game I want to make called TurnAbout.  It will be the world’s first vending machine ARG, if the people at Aol Artists are nice enough to fund it.

I’m making a pair of subspace suitcases for the Desert Bus for Hope‘s annual craftalong.  All the proceeds are going to Childs Play, which provides toys and games for childrens’ hospitals.  The first one is mostly done, and it looks awesome.

I’m also to blame for the current segment of Search For New Lifeforms‘s antics.  I wrote about a month’s worth of script for the comic, which is currently being drawn, page by page, by the uncurtailable Johno Kantz.

I recently went to Comic Con for Culture Hacker, where I completely missed the launch of the Dexter ARG thanks to a member of the Dexter street team.  I’ll uh…I’ll explain later.

Oh, but while I was there I totally sold a tiny robot to Kaja Foglio, and I met Henry Jenkins!  Geek out!

Oh yeah, me and Michelle also ran a workshop at ARGFest, about creating game artifacts.  A whole contingent of awesome people attended, and created an entire tangible puzzle trail on the fly.

So that’s me.  Comics full of skull jokes, tiny robots, vending machines, magic bags, etc.  Any questions?

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