Sep 16, 2010

Software Freedom Day

The Dallas Makerspace is hosting Software Freedom Day for Dallas this Saturday, September 18.  We’ll be guiding people through Linux installs, giving talks on open source topics, and giving away sweet OSS swag.  The event is open to the public, and, of course, free.

I’ll be giving a talk there about Open Source models and tools for artists.  It’s a topic I could discuss for hours, but I will try to be brief.  Feel free to tackle me and ask any questions after, too.

You’ll also get to check out your local Dallas hackerspace, and talk with some of the members.  We’ve just moved into our new space, and we’re already doing some cool projects, including a big art installation for TEDxSMU.

Event starts at 1:00 p.m.; I’ll be talking at 3:30.  Be there!  Be square!  This page has all the details.

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