Oct 17, 2010

Dallas Makerspace’s TEDxSMU Installation

Back in July, four people from the Dallas Makerspace, including yours truly, started out to build a virtual paint system with a hidden message about resource scarcity for TEDxSMU.  I am home and at rest for the first time in days, and now I can safely say, we did it.

Here are the first few videos of the project, shot our creative lead, Alan Hatchett…

It took about 16 of us to turn the idea into a physical experience. Most of us were amateur tinkerers, but we adapted to the project’s needs by doing research, design, and pushing ourselves to learn new skills. I’m happy to say the result, while not without its technical hiccups, was intuitive and looked great.

The giant paint brushes were my babies. Along with an electrical engineer, a hard coat expert and a small gaggle of volunteers, I made five of these.  The tips apply virtual paint when brushed across the canvas, and painting with them requires you to accept that you are dwarfed by your tool.  Before long, painting becomes less like a struggle, and more like a dance.

More photos coming, after I sleep.

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