Jan 26, 2011

R&D Announcement Thingy

Guess what, fools? I’m writing a book! It’s called:

Or R&D for all you hip kids.

R&D is a very special book. In addition to the usual book inventory – plot, characters, insane scientific theories, etc. – it has three features that are kind of unique.

1) It is written by hand. R&D is the journal of a modern day mad scientist. It contains sketches, diagrams, margin doodles, etc. When you read it online or in print, you’re reading a copy of a real handwritten book that will be on permanent exhibit at the Brooklyn Art Library (as part of The Sketchbook Project.)

2) It is a TRANSMEDIA book, if you look up the things you find in R&D on the Interbutts, you’ll find more of the story. This will be, as far as I know, the only book like this done by an individual artist.  (Although there are plenty of excellent, professionally produced ones – particularly Cathy’s Book.)

3) I am writing it for tips! Well, sort of.

You’ll be able to read R&D for free online, buy a print copy, or even buy a special edition print copy with embedded audio chips and other fun three-dee stuff. If you read it online and like it, I ask that you drop some cash in one of the little virtual tip jars I’m setting up throughout the experience. Some of them are donations, others will get you stuff – it’s like a public radio fundraiser, only instead of some lame tote bag, you get your master’s degree in quackery, or a sticker that lets your phone talk to the dead.

Or in other words, moichandizing!

It’s a very ambitious project, demanding the best I have to give in product design, writing and experience planning .  If those of you who usually see me haven’t lately, it’s because I’ve been knee deep in this. This is my first long form piece of fiction in a few years, and the first time I’ve ever tried anything like this on my own.  I hope the result is up to your highly elevated standards.

Now, time to get back to making the damn thing.  *Grumbles and heads back to the writing mines.*

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