Feb 24, 2011

The Transmedia Artists Guild at SXSW

(via Deus Ex Machinatio)

Interested in the Transmedia Artist’s Guild and what it’s all about? At SXSW we’re finally stepping into the limelight. Come to the panel on March 13 at 5pm. It’s in Salon C at the Hilton. Executive committee members Jay Bushman and Steve Peters will be talking about our goals as a group, and what you can do to help shape our future.

But SXSW isn’t complete without a party, right? That’s why we’d like to hold an informal transmedia meetup at the bar of the Driskill Hotel where it all began. Come on over with us when the panel is over — or join us there later, if we can’t tear you away from the Old Spice panel.

Let’s rock this thing, people.

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