Feb 11, 2011

Thing-a-Day 10: Glowstick Taxonomy

Bluh!  Thursday was not conducive to thing-ing, so I am doing TWO THINGS today!

I got my glow stick order in, and set about identifying the colors in the multi-pack I ordered.  Glow sticks often look completely different before they are cracked, because the dye inside reflects a different color than the color it puts out from heat energy (which is what makes glow sticks glow).There are a lot of different dyes out there, so I decided to do a practical study to find out which colors correspond to which glow colors in this particular pack.

Dark Pink = Red
Light Pink = Purple
Lighter Pink = Bluish Purple
Clear = Blue
Dark Yellow = Yellow
Light Yellow = White
Green = Green
Orange = Orange

Because these are two-color glow sticks, I was able to confirm all eight component colors by cracking only five of the sticks…meaning I have most of them left to make smelly.

For more on the science of glow sticks, I highly recommend this video.

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