Feb 13, 2011

Thing-a-Day 12: Article Draft

Almost finished with a draft for WorkbookProject.com and hopefully TAG, titled, “How to Build Your Transmedia Portfolio in Your Basement.”  It’s intended to be a short guide for individual artists who want to prove they have the chops to build sprawling interactive experiences.  Here’s a snippet:

TIP #2: Craft Core Content

Transmedia is by definition multifaceted – if you can contribute a single facet, you may have proven all you need to get on the team for a big project.  For your portfolio, create works that could serve as compelling pieces of a larger experience.  By doing small pieces like this, you can develop your voice as a creator, even before you’ve done something big.

Examples that use current technology include:

Blog or Twitter fiction
Flash games
Art installations
Real world events
Phone applications
Locative gaming courses
World artifacts

When you’re developing your small pieces, look for features of current technology that aren’t currently being used to tell stories, and try your hand at telling a story with them.  Find ways to transform older or technologies.  Transmedia isn’t just about jumping from screen to screen – it’s about innovation.

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