Feb 16, 2011

Thing-A-Day 15: Experia Label 1.0

Tonight, I worked up a label on the lappy, based on my label prototype from Day 6 (http://blog.toenolla.com/?p=40) and my product logo from yesterday (http://blog.toenolla.com/?p=50).

After taping it on the bottle, I noticed the water drop "window" looks through to an easily identifiable spot on the back of the bottle, so I tried adding some color to the back just to see how it looks. 

Unfortunately, I only had a green sharpie lying around – so it just looks like there's a giant bacterium in my water droplet.  Probably not the best message to send to my suckers…I mean, customers.

So many things I want to change about this, but it's getting closer.

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