Feb 20, 2011

Thing-A-Day 20: Transmedia Talk Ep 19

I am super proud of today’s thing!  For this week’s Transmedia Talk, I got Mike Monello and Nick Braccia together to talk about transmedia approaches in the music business.  It’s a great episode, and I encourage you to give it a listen even if the word “transmedia” doesn’t ring any bells.We talk about the new 12-track YouTube song from the Flaming Lips, the Kiss coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach, and how Animal Collective misfired on a key part of the music business: storytelling.

Listen at Workbook Project

This program was a bit of a departure from our usual interview format, but I think it was one of our best shows!

I also did the exhaustive program notes for this show. Those should count as a bonus thing.  Like I said, they’re EXHAUSTIVE.

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