Feb 24, 2011

Thing-A-Day 23: My Ph.D. in Quackery

Another thing from my transmedia book project.  This is a pocket degree from a psychic university.  Some vandal has marred it with a stamp of condemnation!

I'm not happy with the way the signatures came out.  I wrote them on paper with a ball point and then shrunk them down, but I think I will redo them with a sharpie.  Also, that's a misuse of the word "scurrilous."  Nothing comes out perfect on the first try.

Yes, this will be a thing you can buy.  Yes, it will have the QUACKERY brand on it.  It also comes with a whole back full of explanation and disclaimers, and a quick portal into the experience.  You too can become a card-carrying quack!

This school doesn't even give out wall diplomas.  They feel your credentials are more real if you can carry them around with you all the time, like a library card or one of those useless pocket calendars with a dry-cleaning ad on the back.

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