Feb 6, 2011

Thing-a-Day 5: Things

On day 5, I'm out of town for my little cousins birthday. After he was asleep, us grown-ups played "The Game of Things."  These were my answers.

Attack cops (things you shouldn't train your pet to do)
Poop (things you wouldn't want to find in your bed)
Dudes (things you wish you could check out from the library)
Get caught cheating (things not to do while taking an exam)
A kick to the crotch (things that make you go oooh)
"oh, you were serious about that?" (things you can use as an excuse on judgment day)
Mischief (things that make you giggle)

This game is similar to social answer guessing games like Balderdash and Loaded Questions, only you go around the table trying to guess instead of leaving one person trying to guess everyone. 

It was quite fun, especially after we got in the habit of pointing our pens at each other accusatorily while shouting out answers. At one point, the game devolved into us pointing at each other, yelling, "kick to the crotch!" like we were learning a new spell at Hogwarts.

I generally like answer guessing games because they serve as a little writing exercise and a breeding ground for inside jokes. This one seems to have really poppy prompts and more opportunities to play strategically. Hopefully we'll play this again, so my sister and I can point pens at each other and shout, "poop!" at future family gatherings.

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