Feb 10, 2011

Thing-A-Day 9: Pages 71-72

I've been stuck trying to bridge the gap between Page 70 and Page 73 in the manuscript for Research & Development(s) for a while.  Finally got them squared away tonight.  Here's a (intentionally context-free) excerpt of what I wrote tonight:

If we have to compensate him, it might eat up most of our remaining money.  We'd have no funds left to perfect the Modulator.  Then again, maybe that's not a bad thing.

After all this is done, I think I will have to destroy it.

Military uses:

Scatter mod minefield, take out chunks of enemy tanks/planes/people?
Ultra-high security – try to breach it, get dropped out of the universe.
Breaching security – you know, like I'm trying to do right now.
Swap armies – like clones, only you can make them instantly and potentially spawn them forever!
Disappearing people.
Disappearing planes.
Disappearing cities.
Disappearing countries.
Interuniversal conquest.

Getting dumped out of your own universe is bad enough, but when the armies of other universes show up to blow up yours…

More on R&D here: http://blog.toenolla.com/?p=29

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