May 20, 2011

More Potato Enrichment Progress

Lasered the second version of the Potato Enrichment Kit tonight.  It’s looking pretty good, but there are a few tweaks still to come.  This is a rather small potato, so it looks bigger in this image than it actually is.

This is what it the modules look like without paint, and missing an eye diffuser.

The white spots are from the Krazy Glue.  It bonds acrylic well, but leaves all sorts of marks all over the place.

The interior is made from two layers of 1/8″ acrylic with spaces for the batteries, LED, switch and a screw to hold it all together.  It’s pretty swanky, as far as hobby projects go.

The batteries and pieces I’m using for their contacts, scrounged from the Dallas Makerspace’s vast supply of miscellaneous electronics parts.

I may or may not have accidentally glued that LED into the frame.  Oh well.. it was a prototype anyway, right?  The good news: it fits.

The smaller module off to the side was a one-hit wonder – one round of design in Inkscape, one laser cut.  It’s missing a bezel piece which I may have lost.

So far, lookin’ good.  This is not super easy to put together, but its easier than it could be.

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