May 25, 2011

Potato Enrichment – Laser Scribbles

So, this is the setting for the power switch on my Potato Enrichment Kit.  As you can see, it fits into a groove that goes a little less than halfway into the  top layer.  I achieved this by making the laser “scribble” over the area I wanted the switch to fit into at about 30% of its cutting power.

I set this up using an extension for Inkscape called Hatch Fill.  (It’s here if you want to try this yourself.)  This is part of a set of extensions for the Egg-Bot, which is a pretty neat machine that draws on eggs.  It was designed to allow the Egg-Bot to fill in large areas with a pen, but I found another use for it.

Getting the power settings on this right was a pain; I don’t recommend it for anything where you need to cut something to a very exact depth.  That said, I use the hatch fill in three different places on this design; the other two are sinks for the extra tiny “LEDs” around the eye piece and on the giant fake plastic IC.  This is the only one where the depth matters.

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