Jun 16, 2011

More Laser Scribbling, Potato Enrichment Parts

I’ve been up at the Dallas Makerspace for a few nights,  finding new ways to utilize the laser scribbling technique I blogged about previously.  The current version of the Potato Enrichment Kit is basically covered in laser scribbles.

I used the laser scribbling technique to make settings for some of the smaller “LEDs,” which are being represented on this model by very small rhinestones.

I also used a Hatch Fill scribble to sink this tiny bezel about 1/32″ into the top of the IC piece.

This made it easy to place the tiny bezel, and allows it to be shorter than it would be otherwise.

I used a scribble to create a setting for the diffuser paper that will sit over the LED in the “eye” piece.

I also did a variation of the technique using a bunch of concentric circles for the front of the eye piece.

The bevel has three cut depths, and you can see the dividing lines between them in this photo.  When its painted, the part should look like it was bevelled using a lathe or a drill press, and it will have subtle ridges for paint to accumulate on.

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