Sep 10, 2011

Fabric Mosaics, Made with Lasers

I’ve finally started to cut out some pieces for this year’s project for the Desert Bus for Hope Craftalong.  As with last year, I’m making a shoulder bag, and this one features a striking front design, made with pieces of felt that fit together like a puzzle.

I’m cutting the pieces on the Dallas Makerspace‘s laser cutter, and as you can see, it allows me to make designs that are really precise.  In fact, they’re so precise, you can (carefully) pick an assembled section up and move it around as one piece; the components will just sort of just stick together.

I’m using synthetic felt, which melts at the edges instead of burning, so you get nice, full areas of color.  Several parts are also made from fleece, because certain colors in the pattern don’t seem to come in felt, like the pink here.

Though they look really smooth right now, they still seem a little synthetic.  I’m planning to add stitching around the edges in matching thread to give everything an elaborate hand-made look.

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