Sep 24, 2011

Urban Mythology: The Nilsson Cabal

Today’s free writing, in the form of an urban legend. I started writing this in Twitter, ran too long , moved it to my Gmail Chat status, ran too long, and now it lives here.

Up to 25% of all songs in the English language were written by Harry Nilsson.

The songs were released on a secret multi-LP set in 1961, entrusted to a small group of music elites whose undying mission was to keep music alive.  They travel the world in secret, searching for Harry’s reincarnation at Battles of the Bands and $5 shows across the nation.  Sometimes, they pull the frontman aside and ask him to choose which item: a broken guitar string, a  comb, a bong, a book of matches from an iconic 1960s rock club, or a worn leather shoe, once belonged to Harry.  Only one person has chosen correctly, but he is not the Rock Messiah.  His power comes from somewhere else.  They call him the Rock Pariah.

Aside: They say Wayne Coyne was once approached, but refused to take the test, instead attempting to compose a nine-minute noise symphony using only the objects provided.  Part of the unfinished composition was reused, and became the main theme of Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt. 2.

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