Oct 3, 2011

Assembly Step 1: Mini Mosaics

The first step in putting the felt mosaic together is to glue the smaller pieces to a series of larger base parts.  I’ll be able to do the stitching on each part by hand this way, much more easily.

The eyeballs, eye enclosures, and spikes are sub-mosaics, because I’ll be adding stuffing to raise them a little from the plane of the design.  Once I’m done, I’ll employ the same glue and stitch technique to arrange the base parts on the bag.

Did I mention this is going to be a bag?

It will be a messenger bag, padded with fleece, with an interior pocket for a 14″ laptop, a second pocket for a tablet/netbook/wacom, and pockets for mice, pens, etc.  I’ve designed it in Inkscape, using the original Majora vector I created as a guide.

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