Nov 19, 2011

Desert Bus Shades!


You’ve seen them in the image above! You’ve seen them on my Twitter icon! They’re completely unofficial Desert Bus For Hope 5 shades! Now YOU can wear them too!



How to Assemble

You’ll need a PRINTER, CARD STOCK, SCISSORS, and TAPE or glue, and a HOLE PUNCH.

Step 1: Download and Print

Download the PDF and print your glasses out on card stock.

Step 2: Cut Out the Parts

Step 3: Attach the Earpieces

To attach the earpieces, first fold them along the black line near the square end of the piece.

Flip your front piece printed side down.

With the blue printed side of the earpiece down, and the curved end pointed toward you, attach the folded end of the earpiece to the back of the shades, close to the outside edge of the shades.

If you have a small head, like I do, you can fold the ends of the earpieces back more… and use more tape.

Step 4: Punch Some Eye-Holes

Once you have your shades assembled, you might feel the urge to actually look through them. For this, you’ll need a hole punch.

Figure out where your eyes land on the glasses. Depending on the size of your head, this could vary. Punch holes in those spots.

Congrats! You have a completed pair of Desert Bus Shades!

Step 5: Dramatic Effect

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