Nov 12, 2011

Saturday Side Project: BlagOPets

So, I’m launching a little side project today on IndieGogo.

You see, back in the Olden Dayes of Yon Internette, before there was Webkinz, NeoPets, or DeviantART, artists traded adoptable pets between their Geocities pages. Some of these virtual adoption centers were surely scams, but others were just set up by artists who wanted to share their work.  It was an interesting social scene in the days before the web was social.

Some of these could get pretty complex with their projects- creating virtual pet kennels where every single “adopted” pet had a breeding history and a pedigree.

So in homage to that, I’m offering BlagOPets for adoption starting today.  Each one is unique and hand-drawn by me.  Here’s an example:

When you adopt you will get a graphic like this one, to share on your blog or just to enjoy.  But that won’t be all!  Your BlagOPet will also have adventures like this one:

At least two things will happen to your BlagOPet.  I’ll be sending you each one about a week apart – so if you adopt now, you’ll have two weeks of genuine virtual pet ownership ahead of you, with all the joys it brings.

WARNING: Your children may not get some BlagOPet jokes.  Please don’t explain them.

If you contribute a tad more, I’ll also send you the original art, and sign it with a <3.

So if you’re interested in playing this little game with me, go check out the IndieGoGo Page and make a contribution.  You can get yours for a cheep cheep price of $5 USD.

You’re Doing Me a Favor

You will get your first BlagOPet email as soon as I can draw it – I’m not waiting around to see if we hit the IndieGogo target of $500 – but there is something I need.

I’ve been doing a lot of projects from my first generation Acer netbook.  It’s been a pretty decent little laptop, but when I was in San Francisco for StoryWorld this year, I discovered that its wireless card has gone flaky – almost causing me to have to abandon a project.  I want to replace it with something new.  Not necessarily something flashy, just something that works reliably.

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