Jan 31, 2012

Snow People in Felt

Here’s a quick craft project I designed for my friend Jan. It’s one of her “snow people.”  They live in Snow Town, Maine, where they appear in the dead of winter.  This one is particularly adorable, not at all creepy, which is sort of a deviation from the norm.

Jan created the Snow Town ARG last winter, and like a fool I missed playing this amazing game.  Luckily, now she’s raising the money to turn her ARG into an app that we can all play.  The project is up for funding on Kickstarter.  If you have a minute, and a few bucks, check the project out and perhaps even donate. The clock is ticking, and I’d really love to have Snow Town on my phone.

If you want your own snow buddy, you can download the pattern here!

You Will Need:

White Felt
Black Permanent Marker

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