Feb 7, 2012

Instructable! How to Cover Webbing to Make a Bag Strap, With (Almost) No Pins

(click for Etsy link)

So, I’ve been making Starbags like the one above for over a year now, and every single one of them needs a custom strap that matches, like the one in the photo.  My first attempts at making them looked great, but took hours upon hours to get right.  One problem was the pinning.  How do you pin something paper thin to a piece of webbing 1/8″ thick and have it come out right?  Not to mention, the seam was a cool 70 inches long.

So, over the past year, I’ve perfected the technique of covering webbing with fabric to make it match.  The most amazing part is that you only have to use a few pins for one very small part of the process.  As a bonus, you end up with a strap you don’t need to edge, since the edge is already encased in the fabric.

All along the way, I was looking for tutorials that might give me a clue to how to do this one thing better, and finding zilch.  So now I’m putting it up there for other intrepid bag makers.

Check out the Instructable.

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