May 31, 2012

Big News for Starbags!

Shopping at Haley’s Starbag Emporium

After weeks of working on the next phase of my Ramona Flowers bag project, the results are finally here. This represents a year and a half of refining and perfecting this one project, and the results are pretty awesome.

Changing Colors

One of the things about the starbag in the comics: it doesn’t stay one color.  Maybe it’s part of its magic properties, but every time Ramona changes her hair color, her bag changes to match it.  I’ve altered my original pattern to allow you to change out the color of the star on the fly.  That means you can use this bag for any flavor of Ramona cosplay, or to match a certain look when you aren’t in costume.  You get three colors when you buy the bag, and I’ve also made some others, including some pretty wild patterns.

Make Your Own!

I’ve been working on perfecting this pattern for a long time, and now it’s finally getting to see the light of day.  You can buy it here and make your starbag well in time for Comic Con.

I may have overdone it a little on this pattern.  There’s a cutting guide to show you how to lay out your pieces, a shopping list with tips on where to look for stuff in the store, and all of the pieces have a checklist on them so you can keep track of what you’ve cut.  It also includes the pattern and instructions for making your own inserts.

New Payments

The last big piece of news is that I’m trying out a WePay store.  I’m thinking about moving away from Etsy, and I want to see if WePay, which is the alternative of choice for Regretsy fans, is right for me.  Since Haley’s Starbags are my biggest sellers, I figure if anything I have for sale on Etsy will sell on WePay, it’s these.

The biggest advantage for you: You won’t have to open an Etsy account or deal with PayPal at all, which should make for a smoother checkout experience.  I’d love your feedback on the shop, the pattern, the new bags, or anything else!  Drop me a note in the comments.

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