Jun 9, 2012

Things I Want to Talk About At The Hackerspace:

  • Robots.
    Fuck yes!
  • An awesome thing some guy in Ukraine built that you saw on YouTube.
  • Lasers.
    Pyoo pyoo!
  • 3D printers.
    Hell. Fucking. Yes.
  • Tools of pretty much any sort, actually.
    Everything that makes is fascinating.
  • Your projects.
    That’s a sweet quadcopter you’ve got there. What’s your startup all about?
  • Ideas for stuff you want to make.
  • What you do (or did, or want to do) for a living.
    Actually, why didn’t this come up earlier?
  • Movies, books, TV, music, and websites you dig.
    I love Doctor Who too!  You saw that movie, huh; what’s it like?
  • Hackerspace business.
    Serious business.

Things I Do Not Want to Talk About at the Hackerspace:

  • Books, movies, TV, music and websites you don’t like.
    It’s not everyone else’s job to convince you to like Ursula LeGuin or whatever.  Wait for the conversation to come around to something you like, or find a way to politely interject with a new topic.  Feel free to be negative if someone asks your opinion, but realize that’s different; they asked.
  • Your stupid prejudices and why you think they’re ok to have.
    I’m not going to commiserate with your racist, sexist, anti-gay, or otherwise intolerant point of view, no matter what stupid justification you’ve come up with for it.  Really, this is not the place to seek that kind of acceptance; it’s a club for people who build stuff. 
  • Why your ex is a bitch / asshole.
    I barely know you!  Why should I have to help you deal with your breakup?  Negative bonus points if the breakup happened years ago.
  • Your politics.
    There are clubs you can join for that.  This is not one of them.
  • What you find attractive in a woman / man.
     Again, I barely know you, so I don’t care.  If this was an attempt to flirt with me, it has failed phenomenally.
  • Why you think I shouldn’t drink soda / watch The Office / drive a sedan / whatever trivial thing you want to sneer about.
    Yeah, well – fuck you too, I guess.  What else can I say to that?
  • An anecdote where you were mean to someone you don’t like.
    Is this supposed to impress me? Now I think you’re a bully.
  • Why we should keep talking about the thing I said I don’t want to talk about.
    I don’t want to have this conversation.  Please respect that.  I’m not saying you can’t talk about this; you just can’t talk about it with me.

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