Jul 7, 2012

Blurb for Young Adult Time Travel Series

Jill and Vera, two girls at an exclusive Earth prep school, discover that their friend Ella is not who she seems to be. When she drops her wallet in Chemistry class, the girls discover that Ella is a legendary astronomer and interstellar freedom fighter named Zoe Memphis. Her scientific discoveries and her military victories led to so many stars being named after her, that they nicknamed her Estrella, the star. But Ella isn’t that person yet; her parents got permission from the Holy Order of Time Travel to enroll her in an elite school founded a hundred years after the end of the war, to make sure she got the best education possible.

Ella is an extremely nervous 12th grader; she wonders constantly if she’ll be able to live up to her destiny, and worse yet, she’s failing Interstellar Calculus. With the past at stake, Ella’s friends enact a daring plan. On graduation day, they’ll follow Ella through the time portal to help Ella face her fears and save the galaxy. The only problem? The history books don’t mention Jill or Vera at all.

Will a terrible fate await the girls in the past? Will they cause the universe to unravel? Will they even end up in the right century?  Will the Order be super pissed?  Find out in book one of the three-book trilogy!

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