Aug 10, 2012

Felicity Velius Loves Setting Up Mailbox Drops

She also loves Beatrix Potter, and, apparently, her ex boyfriend’s cat Toby. She loves Toby so much, she stole him and took him with her on a spy mission to Asia. Felicity is just that kind of girl.

Earlier today I unlocked a mailbox in Waco with a key from Canada, and found a bunch of documents pertaining to Felicity’s secret life. For players who have been following this fledgeling ARG, I present the contents of that mailbox.

It includes an envelope with a pen inside, a letter from Felicity, a transcript of a supposedly untraceable conversation (guess what happened), and a photocopy of a sinister note.

If you like shaky cam, you can also check out the video of the find below.

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