Sep 5, 2012

My Kickstarter Anti-Spam Pledge

According to my work tracking spreadsheet, everything is on schedule for Laser Lace. On October 18, I will push the big button to launch its campaign on Kickstarter. Doing a crowdfunding campaign right now presents a big list of challenges, but I’m kicking them down one by one. Now I’ve come to one that apparently not everyone thinks to address before they launch.
I don’t want to be obnoxious about this.

I’m feeling the crowdfunding fatigue just like everyone else. I’ve seen the rise of the Kickstarter tide in the last year or so, and, just like everyone else who’s now planning a project, I’m comparing myself no longer to Jim Babb or Yomi Ayeni, but to Tim Schafer and Jordan Weisman. It’s enough to make anyone panicky enough to start @ing everyone on Twitter you can think of.

The problem is, I want your money. Well; I need your money. To help me launch this awesome product line that I could never do otherwise, and to outfit my workshop with the equipment I need to start actually producing some of the things I’ve been prototyping over the years. But I don’t want to lose your respect getting it. Actually, I’m fairly sure that if I lose your respect, I won’t get your money either.

So here’s the deal.

Pretty simple, right?

Some people may think that keeping this pledge is impossible – in fact, I’ve talked to people who really believe this, and those people had bigger social networks and bigger teams than I do. The rest of you, though, know this should be a standard for how you behave when you’re trying to sell something.

Figure 1: What I’m selling.

So, how am I going to show you how beautiful and awesome Laser Lace is, without being pushy, obnoxious or demanding? I’m going to show it to you. While the product for Laser Lace comes in a box, the story – like all stories – has the power to seep out into the world. If you want to know more about the seven people depicted in the seven cameos in the line, you’ll be able to visit their page on for a short experience that sets the tone for their story – for example, right now you can go and help name The Great Magician, and the name I choose from your suggestions will go into the Letters.

In the next 6 weeks, I’ll also be posting behind the scenes development on the Laser Lace Letters social media accounts and on this blog. You’ll have an opportunity to really see the project grow every day, if that’s what you’re into. Like it says above, I’ll try not to tell you anything you wouldn’t be interested in hearing.

Of course, there’s more to my strategy than faith and content. I’m also teaming up with Clockwork Watch, and working on another very exciting, super secret partnership. Things are happening behind the scenes, folks. Exciting and wondrous things!

The easiest way to get to all of the story bits is to go to  If you want more, including laser cutting videos and early looks at the cameos, you can also follow the project on Twitter, or like the Laser Lace Letters on Facebook.

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