Feb 18, 2011

Thing-A-Day 17: MSPAstrology

Today, I started a Twitter account for horoscopes based on the 12 troll characters in MSPaint Adventures (http://mspaintadventures.com). 

Each of these characters has a corresponding zodiac sign, and the horoscopes are reactions to (or predictions OF) things that happen between them in the comic.  In the comic, these characters are actually the source of their corresponding constellations, so in a sense I'm doing real astrologers one better.

There are tons of new pages added to the comic every day, so this account might tweet once or twice a day.  I tweet about the comic a lot.  A LOT.  If you don't read MSPA, this probably sounds really dumb.  It might BE really dumb.  But it's a whole lot of fun.

Linkage: http://twitter.com/MSPAstrology

Feb 16, 2011

Thing-A-Day 15: Experia Label 1.0

Tonight, I worked up a label on the lappy, based on my label prototype from Day 6 (http://blog.toenolla.com/?p=40) and my product logo from yesterday (http://blog.toenolla.com/?p=50).

After taping it on the bottle, I noticed the water drop "window" looks through to an easily identifiable spot on the back of the bottle, so I tried adding some color to the back just to see how it looks. 

Unfortunately, I only had a green sharpie lying around – so it just looks like there's a giant bacterium in my water droplet.  Probably not the best message to send to my suckers…I mean, customers.

So many things I want to change about this, but it's getting closer.

Feb 15, 2011

Thing-A-Day 14: Experia Logo

Today's thing is a logo to go on the water bottles from Day 6.  As you can tell, this is no ordinary water!*

This project plays on the idea of "water memory" – an idea in homeopathy, which claims water can "remember" chemicals added to it, long after the chemicals have been removed.

When you sip Experia, you're taken back to the memory of a thrilling skydive, a shuttle launch, witnessing a baby's first steps, or a day at the beach with a beautiful companion.  Experia chooses "memory donors" from around the world to experience the things that make Experia great – and you could be next!**

I'm not sure if I like this design at all, but it's a start.

* It is completely ordinary water.
** This is not even close to true.

Feb 13, 2011

Thing-a-Day 13: Transmedia Talk Podcast, Ep 18

I do a podcast every week with Nick Braccia and Dee Cook at WorkbookProject.com.  In this week's episode, we interview Lance Weiler about Pandemic 1.0, a massive collaborative story experience he built for this year's Sundance Film Festival.

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More episodes of Transmedia Talk can be found at www.workbookproject.com.

Here's a video of Lance describing his experience (which I had nothing to do with, but it's still really cool.)

Thing-a-Day 12: Article Draft

Almost finished with a draft for WorkbookProject.com and hopefully TAG, titled, “How to Build Your Transmedia Portfolio in Your Basement.”  It’s intended to be a short guide for individual artists who want to prove they have the chops to build sprawling interactive experiences.  Here’s a snippet:

TIP #2: Craft Core Content

Transmedia is by definition multifaceted – if you can contribute a single facet, you may have proven all you need to get on the team for a big project.  For your portfolio, create works that could serve as compelling pieces of a larger experience.  By doing small pieces like this, you can develop your voice as a creator, even before you’ve done something big.

Examples that use current technology include:

Blog or Twitter fiction
Flash games
Art installations
Real world events
Phone applications
Locative gaming courses
World artifacts

When you’re developing your small pieces, look for features of current technology that aren’t currently being used to tell stories, and try your hand at telling a story with them.  Find ways to transform older or technologies.  Transmedia isn’t just about jumping from screen to screen – it’s about innovation.

Feb 12, 2011

Thing-a-Day 11: Mistiq Varieties

Made up packages for all the different smelly glow sticks I'm planning to offer.  Each one has its own smell and color set.

I scored all of these insert cards on a Martha Stewart scoring board.  I always thought hell would freeze over before I bought something from that brand (mainly because they sell a lot of kits, but also out of disdain) – but it's the only scoring tool of this kind I could find in stores.  If you're doing a project where you have to make a lot of precise folds, it is totally 100% worth the money.
Feb 11, 2011

Thing-a-Day 10: Glowstick Taxonomy

Bluh!  Thursday was not conducive to thing-ing, so I am doing TWO THINGS today!

I got my glow stick order in, and set about identifying the colors in the multi-pack I ordered.  Glow sticks often look completely different before they are cracked, because the dye inside reflects a different color than the color it puts out from heat energy (which is what makes glow sticks glow).There are a lot of different dyes out there, so I decided to do a practical study to find out which colors correspond to which glow colors in this particular pack.

Dark Pink = Red
Light Pink = Purple
Lighter Pink = Bluish Purple
Clear = Blue
Dark Yellow = Yellow
Light Yellow = White
Green = Green
Orange = Orange

Because these are two-color glow sticks, I was able to confirm all eight component colors by cracking only five of the sticks…meaning I have most of them left to make smelly.

For more on the science of glow sticks, I highly recommend this video.

Feb 10, 2011

Thing-A-Day 9: Pages 71-72

I've been stuck trying to bridge the gap between Page 70 and Page 73 in the manuscript for Research & Development(s) for a while.  Finally got them squared away tonight.  Here's a (intentionally context-free) excerpt of what I wrote tonight:

If we have to compensate him, it might eat up most of our remaining money.  We'd have no funds left to perfect the Modulator.  Then again, maybe that's not a bad thing.

After all this is done, I think I will have to destroy it.

Military uses:

Scatter mod minefield, take out chunks of enemy tanks/planes/people?
Ultra-high security – try to breach it, get dropped out of the universe.
Breaching security – you know, like I'm trying to do right now.
Swap armies – like clones, only you can make them instantly and potentially spawn them forever!
Disappearing people.
Disappearing planes.
Disappearing cities.
Disappearing countries.
Interuniversal conquest.

Getting dumped out of your own universe is bad enough, but when the armies of other universes show up to blow up yours…

More on R&D here: http://blog.toenolla.com/?p=29

Feb 9, 2011

Thing-A-Day 8: Psychic University Course Catalog

My thing for today was a course listing for a fictional school that will be a key part of the expanded universe for R&D.

This school offers courses via a revolutionary mix of audio tracks and something called "Transcranial Transmission."  It's quacky as hell.

I'm having some of my friends record tracks as the "Deans" of the school, introducing each class, so writing out the class names and numbers is the first step of this process.

Feb 8, 2011

Thing-A-Day 7: Thing Brand Object, by StuffCo

Today, I'm working on a full-body label for a 2x2x2 gift box from Uline.  I made this one as a test.  I didn't quite nail the alignment on this, but it still looks pretty okay.  Also the back piece seems to be 1/8" too long.  Gotta fix that.

You can really tell I botched the alignment on the left side.  😛

Bonus thing: The template.  It's revised to take off that extra 1/8" on the back piece, but I haven't tested it yet.  Use at your peril.

Click here to download:

2x2x2 Label Template.psd (540 KB)