May 19, 2011

Potato Enrichment Progress

A few updates on the Potato Enrichment Kit.  I’ve picked out an LED and a filter for the eye.  Here’s a draft version of what it’ll look like.

When off, you’ll just see the vellum diffuser, which is a muted yellow-gold color.  It won’t have those ripples in it, and it may be a tad smaller to match the refs I have.

Then you turn it on:

The super bright yellow LED inside gives off a glow that’s almost white in the center, with a dark yellow ring around the outside, and then a wide throw of yellow around that.  It’s very close to the texture on the Potato GLaDOS model’s eye.

I’ve dropped the hidden LED idea you saw in the previous WIP shot.  Now the LED is in the middle of the eye to create the right look.

Here’s one more image from the build.  I spent a good bit of time, trying to find the smallest and most self-contained power switch that I could.  Happily, my local electronics store had these single DIP switches.

These switches are usually made in banks of 2 or more, for changing functions on electronics.  Single ones are a little larger than an LED.  It’s more compact and easier to slide (in my opinion) than tiny slider switches.  It’s epoxied into a plastic housing, so its probably the best bet for a relatively waterproof piece.

These WILL be getting potato juice on them, but we’re all adults here and can manage our potato leakage enough not to cover the model in it – one hopes.  The switch will have to stick out through the case, so it’s probably the go-to point of entry for any wayward juice.  I placed the switch opposite the six stakes that go into the potato; hopefully that will keep it out of harms way.

I’ve got the complete interior layout set up now in Inkscape, including a battery holder and a mount for the switch and the LED.  The new build has 26 parts that make up the main eye unit, the giant IC hooked to it, and pieces for attaching the (decorative) potato battery wires to their support pins.

Hoping to laser the new version tomorrow.

May 10, 2011

Prototyping: Potato Enrichment Kit

I’m working on creating a lighted prop from Portal 2 on the Dallas Makerspace‘s laser cutter.  It’s coming along pretty great, so I thought I’d share.

The spikes go into a real potato to hold the unit in place.  It lights up with an internal battery.  When it’s done, it’s supposed to look something like this.